Motorhome pitch in Eksjö, Sweden

Motorhome pitch in Eksjö, Sweden

The idyllic wooden town of Eksjö.

There are lots of cultural and historical places to discover in Eksjö municipality, and the wooden town of Eksjö is a real cultural treasure.

From our pitches it is only a couple of hundred meters to the Old Town, which with its winding streets and alleys is filled with architectural monuments.

In 1997, Eksjö was awarded Europa Nostra’s award for outstanding renovation of this significant collection of older wooden buildings that have given new life to the old city center.

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57°39’59.7″N 14°58’37.1″E

57°39.995’N 14°58.619’E

WGS84 decimal (lat, lon)
57.666589, 14.976976

RT90 (nord, öst)
6393820, 1450570

SWEREF99 TM (nord, öst)
6391592, 498626

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